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ICCC Training Institute

Our Mission                                       

To Bring a Reformation of Clarity, Insight and Wisdom to Leaders, Churches and Organizations.


Six Disciplines of Study

  1. The Demonstration of the Holy Spirit and of Power – The ministry of the Holy Spirit transforms this school from academics to the reality of God's Presence.
  2. Theology – Understanding Sound Doctrine Concerning the Kingdom of God.
  3. Sociology – Discovering True Identity in Christ and How We Relate to Others.
  4. Evangelism – Learning to Fulfill the Great Commission in the Cultures of the World.
  5. Government – Implementing Biblical Structures in Churches that Facilitate the Ministry of Christ on Earth. (The Holy Spirit is the Administrator of God's Kingdom.)
  6. Worship – Experiencing the Presence of God in Every Aspect of Worship.

Three Ministry Seminars at Your Church or Region

  • Each Seminar (Advanced Levels of Instruction with Discussion and Ministry) will include two days of teaching covering one class from each of the Six Disciplines of Study and a Sunday morning capstone message.
  • After participants receive three Seminars, they will have completed the Institute.


ICCC Certificates of Completion

  • Participants will receive Certificates of Completion for each Seminar.
  • Participants who complete all classes offered in the three Seminars will be awarded an ICCC Institute Diploma acknowledging their completion of all Courses of Study and their exceptional dedication to the training they received.


For more information contact:

Bishop Kirby Clements @ iccc.reformation.com

Pastor Dan C. Rhodes @ dancrhodes@destinynavigators.org

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 831
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: (217) 221-1194
Email:  iccc.reformation@gmail.com

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