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Dr. Nathan Culver
The disciples and all those who followed Jesus were anxious to see the kingdom of God appear immediately. However, Jesus understanding that manifesting the kingdom of God on earth would take time he wanted to provide them with a way to understand this principle. (Reference Luke 19:11-24)
Dr. Nathan Culver
In a recent conference I attended in Atlanta, GA I sat and listened to a successful entrepreneur talk about the struggles she had with the church after her conversion experience. She shared how much of a challenge it was trying to serve and help the local church because she operated in business a certain way that caused her to be successful while she noticed the church often operated in a much slower and less productive manner.
Dr. Nathan Culver
In the body of Christ we primarily associate the anointing with the ministry of preaching. This is a huge misconception because the anointing is not only for preaching or to enable us to operate in spiritual gifts. The anointing of God is the enabling power of God given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of fulfilling the assignment God has entrusted to us.
Dr. Nathan Culver
The church has experienced many transitions over the last 40 years and it is yet experiencing another major transition. In this transition it is so vitally important that we clearly understand the value of quality, competent, and integral leadership.
Dr. Nathan Culver
Scriptures: Ecclesiastes 1:9
We are facing a major epidemic in the body of Christ. With millennial leaders moving into positions of influence in the body of Christ. We are seeing an increased emphasis on gifts, callings, and intellectualism. In this generation we have more access to information than we ever have in the history of humanity. However, this access to information has caused us to become less sensitive to Holy Spirit.

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