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David Ireland
Some knew him only as an evangelist, having preached in some 185 nations to over 200 million people. Others saw him as a counselor to heads of state, having counseled every sitting American president since Harry S. Truman. I saw him as a reconciler—a unifier of people, having marched with another great reconciler, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at Selma.
David Ireland
For decades, each new year found me ramping up a new set of resolutions. I was going to lose weight, be more patient... Then it dawned on me — after countless bouts of late-night snacking and snapping at colleagues — resolutions were not the answer.
David Ireland
Charles H. Spurgeon said: "Sermons should have real teaching in them, and their doctrine should be solid, substantial, and abundant. We do not enter the pulpit to talk for talk's sake; we have instructions to convey important to the last degree, and we cannot afford to utter pretty nothings."

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