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Pastor Dan Rhodes
Because there may be misconceptions and disqualifying concerns about the Message of God's Kingdom, there needs to be a clarifying statement of what it IS and what it is NOT.
Dr. Kirby Clements
Beauty is an architectural term that express the consistency, symmetry and pleasantness of a building or a structure. Beauty is the absence of dissonance, distortion, imbalance and unpleasantness.
Dr. Kirby Clements
Abraham was thoroughly convinced by a Divine experience. Moses saw the burning bush but Israel did not. Only Paul experienced a Damascus Road event.
Dr. Kirby Clements
Christianity is propositional and evidence-based faith. There are some propositions that must be embraced and some experiences that must be encountered.
Dr. Nathan Culver
The disciples and all those who followed Jesus were anxious to see the kingdom of God appear immediately. However, Jesus understanding that manifesting the kingdom of God on earth would take time he wanted to provide them with a way to understand this principle. (Reference Luke 19:11-24)
Pastor Dan Rhodes
Time, Seasons and Kairos Moments. Encountering God Face to Face
Dr. Kirby Clements
The rise of any spiritual movement usually generates interest and emphasis upon a certain doctrine, practice, and behavior. There develops a minority that seem to become designated as the leaders. Around such leadership there is the formation of conferences, networks, associations and a host of publications
Dr. Kirby Clements
This paper is intended to show that the fundamental reason for progress, effectiveness and success may not be skill, zeal, enthusiasm or effort but conceptual.
Dr. Kirby Clements
The book of Acts records the beginning of a charismatic community. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon a small band of believers sparks a revival that gradually turns the world upside down. These early Christians are radically committed to Christ, and they proclaim the Good News of His life, death, and resurrection with great zeal.
Dr. LaDonna Osborn
The International Gospel Fellowship (of churches and ministries) continues to grow. It now represents more than 1,000 churches in more than 50 nations. During October of 2017 we conducted an IGF conference in Tulsa, Oklahoma welcomed delegates from 38 nations.

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