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Greetings to all members and friends. Welcome to the Official Web Site of the ICCC. Proximity and knowledge is power.  May this web site bring us closer together and provide the resources we need to connect the world through our gifts and callings. Click Below to hear me share the Importance of the ICCC.

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Practical Rules for Success in Marriage Most of my counseling is with couples who are having trouble in their marriage. Many of these couples feel hopeless that anything could be done to help their situation. However, for those who are willing to continue to seek God and implement some practical steps, great strides can be made toward restoring the intimacy of partnership.

Problems Give Meaning To Life Sometimes our problems overwhelm us. I remember Susan jumping into a taxi after a morning of dealing with one crisis after another. She yelled to the taxi driver, "All right, let's get going." "Where do you want me to take you?" asked the taxi driver. Susan yelled back, "I don't care where you take me, I've got problems everywhere."

Why Doesn't God Do Something? Children go to bed hungry every night in this country and in other nations. Suicide is the highest among teens. Our children are killing each other. Drugs, alcohol, pornography and gambling are addictions of epidemic proportions. Children are murdered every day by the minute through abortion. Spousal abuse is at the highest rate it has ever been. More people are in debt than ever before—85 percent of the people who lost their job today would have to proclaim bankruptcy within two to three months.

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November 20, 2017 ICCC Global Conference Call Free Call 3pm EST

December 18, 2017 ICCC Global Conference Call Free Call 3pm EST

January 15, 2018 ICCC Global Conference Call Free Call 3pm EST

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